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27 May 2022

ATCM 44 Opening Speech State Secretary Morgan

27 May 2022

ATCM 44 Opening Speech State Secretary Hoffmann

13 January 2022

World’s largest fish breeding area discovered in Antarctica

Researchers detect around 60 million nests of Antarctic icefish over a 240 square kilometres area in the Weddell Sea

Near the Filchner Ice Shelf in the south of the Antarctic Weddell Sea, a research team has found the world’s largest fish breeding area known to date. A towed camera system photographed and filmed thousands of nests of icefish of the species Neopagetopsis ionah on the seabed. The density of the nests and the size of the entire breeding area suggest a total number of about 60 million icefish breeding at the time of observation. These findings provide support for the establishment of a Marine Protected Area in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. A team led by Autun Purser from the Alfred Wegener Institute publish their results in the current issue of the scientific journal Current Biology.

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